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These MP3s are for personal use only. Selling bootlegs hurts everyone.
If you are a true fan, support the band by purchasing their music.
Studio versions of most of these songs can be found on various Modest Mouse releases.

PORTLAND 1-15-00
1 - Trucker's Atlas
2 - Paper Thin Walls
3 - Doin' the Cockroach
4 - Out of Gas
5 - I Came as a Rat
6 - Third Planet
7 - Cowboy Dan
8 - Stonewashed jeans...
9 - Dramamine
10- Trailer Trash
11- Breakthrough
12- Perfect Disguise
13- A Different City
14- Tundra/Desert
15- Neverending Math Equation
16- Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
17- Custom Concern
18- Broke
19- All Night Diner/"Mistakes"

All Night Diner (RKCNDY, Seattle 11-1-97)
Alone Down There (???)
Baby Clean Conscience (Dub Narcotic Studio 1993)
Beta Carotene (???)
Breakthrough (Black Cat, Wash. DC 9-6-97)
Broke (Breakroom, Seattle 7-5-98)
Cowboy Dan (Jack Straw productions 12-6-97)
Cowboy Dan/Hundred Dollar Bill (Portland, OR ca. summer 98)
Custom Concern (Jack Straw productions 12-6-97)
Dark Center of the Universe (Jack Straw productions 12-6-97)
Dirty Fingernails (KNDD Studios 9-97)
Doing the Cockroach (Jack Straw productions 12-6-97)
Dramamine (Jack Straw productions 12-6-97)
Four Leaf Clover (Dub Narcotic Studio 1993)
Grey Ice Water (KNDD Studios in 9-97)
Grey Ice Water (Breakroom, Seattle 7-5-98)
Humpin' Pumpkin (Jack Straw productions 12-6-97)
Jesus Christ was an Only Child (Bumberclub, Seattle 8-29-97)
Mice Eat Cheese (Magazines Sell Sex comp.)
My Fault/Your Life (RKCNDY, Seattle 9-23-98)
Night On the Sun (???)
Nothing New (Dub Narcotic Studio 1993)
Other People's Lives (Fox Theatre, Boulder CO 3-5-97)
Out of Gas (?? fall 98)
The Parasites Will be Excited When Yer Dead (???)
Polar Opposites (KNDD Studios in 9-97)
Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice on Ice (Jack Straw productions 12-6-97)
Teeth Like God's Shoeshine (RKCNDY, Seattle 11-1-97)
Third Planet (Breakroom, Seattle 7-5-98)
Too Many Fiestas for Reuben (LCW outtake)
To Roads to Go, To Roads to Go (Ugly Cassanova from Magic Eye Singles #4)
Trailer Trash (Jack Straw productions 12-6-97)
Trucker's Atlas (Jack Straw productions 12-6-97)
Tundra/Desert (Fox Theatre, Boulder CO 3-5-97)
Untitled 1 (Dub Narcotic Studio 1993)
Untitled 2 (Dub Narcotic Studio 1993)
Untitled 3 (Dub Narcotic Studio 1993)
Whenever I Breath Out You Breath In...Positive/Negative (KNDD Studios 9-97)
Working on Leaving the Living (Neverending Math Equation 7")
Wrong Decision (Dub Narcotic Studio 1993)

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