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Irving Plaza, NYC - by Drew Goren
02-05-04a.jpg 02-05-04b.jpg 02-05-04c.jpg

Showbox, Seattle - William Anthony.
showbox1.jpg showbox2.jpg

Costa Mesa, CA - by Curtis Kulig
costamesa1.jpg costamesa2.jpg costamesa3.jpg

Siren Fest 2003 at Coney Island High

9-21-01, Ft. Worth, TX - From Kenneth Alan.
9-21-01a.jpg 9-21-01b.jpg the hot crotch

From the Olympics performance in Salt Lake City 2-18-02 by Jeff Beddoes
2-18-02a.jpg 2-18-02b.jpg 2-18-02c.jpg 2-18-02d.jpg 2-18-02e.jpg

LA 10-6-00 from Alexa Weibel
Easter Bunny

Fayetteville, AR from John Fancher
9-30-00a.jpg 9-30-00b.jpg 9-30-00c.jpg 9-30-00d.jpg

Bumbershoot in Seattle from Robert Carver
9-4-00a.jpg 9-4-00b.jpg 9-4-00c.jpg

Eric and Jeremy in Cologne, Germany (July 1999) from Bernd Ernst Schyma
ericjeremy1.jpg ericjeremy2.jpg ericjeremy3.jpg ericjeremy4.jpg ericjeremy5.jpg

6-17-00 at the Showbox, Seattle by Kurt Schlosser
ksmm1.jpg ksmm2.jpg ksmm3.jpg ksmm4.jpg

5-24-00 at the Black Cat in DC by Bruce Willen
5-24-00a.jpg 5-24-00b.jpg 5-24-00c.jpg 5-24-00d.jpg LesSavyFav1.jpg LesSavyFav2.jpg

5-14-00 Louisville from rugflapper
5-14-00setlist.jpg 5-14-00a.jpg 5-14-00b.jpg 5-14-00c.jpg 5-14-00d.jpg

5-15-00 Ann Arbor from Paul Groves
5-15-00a 5-15-00b 5-15-00c 5-15-00x.jpg

Coachella festival from April Sanders
coachella1.jpg coachella2.jpg

SXSW 2000 from Willi Patton

from Sarah Sudhoff

Re-bar, Seattle 12-22-99 from Kurt Schlosser

8-24-99 The Empty Bottle, Chicago by Zach Stricker
one two three four six

From recording session in Chicago 8-99

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  • From Angela Mitchell
    jeremy1.jpg isaac1.jpg isaac2.jpg eric1.jpg saycheese.jpg van1.jpg Isaac5.jpg Isaac6.jpg Isaac7.jpg Isaac8.jpg Isaac9.jpg

    From Ryan Halquist
    Mouse1.jpg Mouse2.jpg Mouse3.jpg Mouse4.jpg Mouse5.jpg

    Some pics I stole from Up's website
    Promo 1 2 3 4 5 6

    From Carlton Kim

    From John Root
    Mouse0.jpg Mouse7.jpg Mouse8.jpg Mouse9.jpg

    From Margaret Ashford-Trotter
    Mouse10.jpg Mouse11.jpg Mouse12.jpg Mouse13.jpg Mouse14.jpg Mouse15.jpg Mouse16.jpg Mouse17.jpg

    From Clark Vogeler

    From Regan Becker
    mm1.jpg mm2.jpg mm3.jpg mm4.jpg mm5.jpg mm6.jpg mm7.jpg mm8.jpg mm9.jpg

    From Jennie Tagle

    From Molly Curtin
    purtymouse.jpg eric2.jpg eric3.jpg Isaac3.jpg Isaac4.jpg jeremy2.jpg chris.jpg

    From Paul Groves
    mm10.jpg mm11.jpg mm12.jpg mm13.jpg mm14.jpg

    From Adma
    mm15.jpg mm16.jpg mm17.jpg mm18.jpg

    From Alex Crick
    mm19.jpg mm20.jpg mm21.jpg

    From Lisa
    mm23.jpg mm24.jpg mm25.jpg mm26.jpg

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