Blue Cadet-3, Do you Connect?1 EP 7" - K 1994 (IPU58)
SonglistBlue Cadet-3, Do You Connect?
Dukes Up
b/w It Always Rains on a Picnic
5,4,3,2,1... Lisp Off
Broke 7" - SubPop 1996 (SP338)
b/w Whenever I Breathe Out/Positive Negative
This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About LP - Up 1996 (Up27)
Custom Concern
Beach Side Property
She Ionizes and Atomizes
Head South
Dog Paddle
Novocain Stain
Exit Does Not Exist
Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset
Make Everyone Happy/Mechanical Birds
Space Travel is Boring
Edit the Sad Parts (LP only)
A Manic Depressive Named Laughing Boy (LP only)
Interstate 8 CD EP - Up 1996 (UP35)
SonglistInterstate 8
All Night Diner
Edit the Sad Parts
 (following are from a demo tape MM sent to Up)
Beach Side Property
Buttons to Push the Buttons
Novocain Stain
Whenever I Breathe Out/Positive Negative
Edit the Sad Parts
Life of Arctic Sounds 7" - Suicide Squeeze 1997 (S003)
SonglistLife of Arctic Sounds
b/w Medication
The Fruit that Ate Itself1 EP- K 1997 (KLP63)
Dirty Fingernails
Sunspots in the House of the Late Scapegoat
The Fruit that Ate Itself
Karma's Payment
"Mice Eat Cheese" on the Magic Eye Compilation* 2 - 1997

Birds vs. Worms* 7" - Hit or Miss 1997 (HOM001)
SonglistBirds vs. Worms
b/w Every Penny Fed Car
Four Fingered Fishermen
The Lonesome, Crowded West - Up 1997 (Up44)
SonglistTeeth Like God's Shoeshine
Heart Cooks Brain
convenient Parking
Lounge (Closing Time)
Jesus Christ was an Only Child
Doin' the Cockroach
Cowboy Dan
Trailer Trash
Out of Gas
Long Distance Drunk
Shit Luck
Trucker's Atlas
Polar Opposites
Bankrupt on Selling
Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice on Ice, Alright
Baby Blue Sedan (LP only)
Other People's Lives 7" - Up 1998 (Up47)
SonglistOther People's Lives
b/w Grey Ice Water
Neverending Math Equation* 3 7" - SubPop 1998
SonglistNeverending Math Equation
b/w Workin' on Leavin' the Livin'
Modest Mouse/764-Hero Whenever You See Fit 12" - Up/Suicide Squeeze 1998 (Up58)
SonglistWhenever You See Fit
b/w 2 remixes
"Buttons to Push the Buttons" on the Zum Audio Compilation 2 CD - Zum 1998

Live version of "Dirty Fingernails" on Yoyo A Go Go '97 - 1999 (YOYO10)

Heart Cooks Brain4 7" - Matador Europe 1999
SonglistHeart Cooks Brain
b/w Shit Luck
"Positive/Negative" live at Great American Music Hall on Asteroids Compilation- Dead Turtle Recordings 1999 (DTR01)

Night on the Sun* 5 EP- Rebel Beat Factory 1999
SonglistNight on the Sun
You're the Good Things (It's Alright to Die)
Wild Pack of Family Dogs
Dark Center of the Universe
Your Life
Modest Mouse/Califone cover "South of Heaven" by Slayer on the I Love Metal comp. - Triple Crown Records 1999

Build Nothing Out of Something4 - Up 1999 (Up73)
SonglistNever Ending Math Equation
Interstate 8
Workin' on Leavin' the Livin'
All Nite Diner
Baby Blue Sedan
A Life of Arctic Sounds
Grey Ice Water
Positive Negative
Other People's Lives
Edit the Sad Parts on the US comp. - Up/Slabco 2000

The Moon & Antarctica LP - Epic 2000
SonglistThird Planet
Gravity Rides
Dark Center of the Universe
Perfect Disguise
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
A Different City
The Cold Part
Alone Down There
The Stars Are Projectors
Wild Pack of Family Dogs
Paper Thin Walls
I Came as a Rat
Life Like Weeds
What People Are Made Of
Night on the Sun 12" - Up 2000 (Up90)
SonglistWillful Suspension of Disbelief
Night on the Sun
I Came as a Rat (Long Walk Off a Short Dock)
You're the Good Things
Sad Sappy Sucker 6 LP - K 2001 (KLP131)
SonglistWorms vs. Birds
Four Fingered Fisherman
Wagon Ride Return
Classy Plastic Lumber
From Point A to Point B
Path of Least Resistance
It Always Rains on a Picnic
Dukes Up
Think Long
Every Penny Fed Car
Mice Eat Cheese
Race Car Grin You Aint No Landmark
Red Hand Case
Secret Agent X-9
Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect?
call to Dial-a-Song
5-4-3-2-1... Lisp Off
BMX Crash
Sucker Bet
Black Blood
Sin Gun Chaser
Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor Tricks 7 EP - Epic 2001
SonglistWillful Suspension of Disbelief
Night on the Sun
3 Inch Horses, Two Faced Monsters
You're the Good Things
The Air
So Much Beauty in Dirt
Here It Comes
I Came as a Rat (Long Walk Off a Short Dock)
"White Lies, Yellow Teeth" on The Giant Rock N Roll Swindle- Obey Giant

Float On 7" - Epic 2004
Songlist Float On
b/w I've Got It All(most)
Good News For People Who Love Bad News - Epic 2004
Songlist Horn Intro
World at Large
Float On
The Ocean Breaths Salty
Dig Your Grave
Bury Me With It
Dance Hall
The Devil's Work Day
The View
Satin in a Coffin
Eric's Interlude
Blame It on the Tetons
Black Cadillacs
One Chance
The Good Times Are Killing Me

* Out of print
1 There is a Japanese import version of The Fruit That Ate Itself EP which also includes the songs from the Blue Cadet 7".
2 Magic Eye Singles. "Mice Eat Cheese" was recorded at the same time as the Blue Cadet 7"
3 Released through the SubPop singles club
4 Previously released material
5 A Japanese tour-only release. Songs taken from a demo sent to Epic Records.
6 A compilation of early Modest Mouse recordings--- some from the 1994 Dub Narcotic session and some recorded by Isaac on the "Dial-A-Song" answering machine. Also includes previously released material.
7 Includes some previously released material

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